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The World of Room of Doom

Compete to survive in this neon macabre lab-raiding party game!

Among the chaos of portals and otherworldly beings, you are tasked with competing against fellow mercenaries for lucrative 'recovery' contracts.

Each contract has up to 8 friends or foes battling for the spoils, looting their way through the weird rooms of an extensive science lab at the confluence of time and space.

Recover experiments, gather artefacts and hoard treasures as reward for surviving levels rife with danger and dynamic puzzles.

The Drama of Room of Doom

Character precision meets escalating puzzles and traps.

Chaos will ensue as you explore new environments, featuring surprising surfaces that will make you stick and slide, or terrifying traps that will rend and pierce!

Fortune will favour the bold, and the meek! You can approach levels with different strategies - run and hide, lure and trap, or just barrel into things and hope for the best.

And did we mention that death won't stop you? That's right, you'll die... a lot... but we can rebuild you, we have the technology - if only to send you back into the fray.

The Threats of Room of Doom

Survive environmental disasters, haywire technology and beasts from other dimensions.

Every room you encounter will have inherent danger, oozing from the walls, slicing across the metallic floors or scuttling from the bowels of the laboratory.

And although you brandish no weapons, bar a turn of pace and your wits, the simplest of nudges on the edge of the deepest of drops may be just enough for you to claim your prize and thwart your rivals.

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